Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (2024)

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(Start Shura Dreamscape Zariman Ten-Zero)

Shura woke up and found himself in his old bunk upon the Zariman. Rising up he looked around and noticed that everything was as it was the day of the incident. Shura thought for a second that he was reliving his last day of happiness. So, getting up Shura began to make his way out of the Dormizone. Walking by a reflective surface Shura saw his face was without the Void Burns that he had suffered so many years ago. It’s been so long since he had seen his old face like this. Making his way through the halls Shura saw outside was not open space like he expected but it was not the Void either.

As Shura stood there for a moment he looked to the endless white and wondered what was out there. But for a moment he heard whispers in the distance, and it almost made him approach, almost. Shura continued on his path down the hall keeping a calm look in his eyes as he passed by a Shawzin. Looking to the instrument Shura noted that it was his first Shawzin the one his mother gave to him before the incident. Shura used to play it in an attempt to keep the others calm and to lift their spirits that rescue will come for them. Shura looked at it a bit longer before in a flash it was replaced by Shinji's cello. Shura was caught off guard by this for a brief moment before reminding himself of where he was. He continued on his path into the lift at the end of the hallway. Once he activated it, he went to the only floor available from this particular lift.

(Inside the lift)

Shura rode the lift to his destination as he saw the energy going through the Zariman outside the window of the elevator. As Shura watched it for a brief second, he often wondered how the vessel remained powering like this after the Void Jump incident. "You were always kind to me you know." Came a voice most familiar to Shura.

Shura looked to his side and saw, to his shock, Rell standing there. "All the other children were cruel, but you were kind." Rell said as Shura looked to his old friend. "I was happy... happy that it was you to put me to sleep." Rell said as the odd boy Shura had befriended looked to him.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't there to save you." Shura said as he felt just as guilty as the Lotus did for Rell's fate. The only Tenno to ever truly die and Shura was powerless to stop it.

"There was no other way." Rell said assuring Shura that it was not his fault. "I... just want you to look after the others." Rell said showing his own kindness even when the other Tenno had been cruel, to him on the Zariman.

"I... I understand." Shura spoke until the Elevator stopped. Shura saw this before looking back to Rell only to see that he was gone. Shura sighed before the door opened once more and he found himself walking down the path laid out for him. This was not the Chrysalith that served as home and hub for the Holdfast.

Walking down the hall the door closed behind him and when Shura looked, he saw the Zariman lift vanish replaced by the hall he was in. Shura then focused his attention forward once more making his way through this strange place. Eventually Shura reached the end of the hall and opened the door before him once more. But when Shura opened the door, he was blinded as the world around him changed once more. His vision eventually returned to find himself in some sort of construction zone or maybe a city of some kind. But it was empty as Shura looked around for a moment.

"Why did I lie to them?" Shura heard his voice making him go wide eyed. "I knew what the Orokin were like, and I lied to them that they'd save us." Shura's voice spoke as the Tenno tried to find the source.

"It's all my fault we lost against Ballas because I hesitated." Shura's voice spoke again making the Tenno breath out in fear. "Why couldn't I just let her go, why did I let Ballas win?" Shura's voice spoke revealing his own self-doubts and traumas.

"Rell died because I forgot him, I abandoned my friend to the Mercy of the Man in the Wall." Another of Shura's voices spoke causing him to go wide eyed in shock. "I should never have made the pact I should have not taken his hand." Shura's voice continued as Shura tried to drown it out.

"I lied to them, I failed them, I killed him." The Voices of Shura's inner thoughts repeated the same three phrases over and over again.

"Shut up." Shura growled as he covered his ears to drown them out. "Shut up." Shura repeated and soon his body began to glow. "SHUT UP!" Shura yelled out and thus the entire world went blank once more.

All was still all was quiet as Shura only heard the sound of waves pushing and pulling upon the shore. Shura felt like he was floating in nothingness before a new voice spoke to him. "Do I even know what it is to be loved?" Shura wondered as he floated in the stillness. "Am I even loved to begin with?" Shura added trying to put his mind back on track. "Or am I just a tool?" Shura asked clearly having some sort of psychogenic dream.

"Your loved, Tenno." The Voice of the Lotus spoke and thus Shura was met with the Lotus without her mask and to his shock nude. Wait... no, maybe this was Misato and not Margulis. "Shura. Do you wish to become one with me?" She asked in the voice of the Lotus while approaching Shura in a scene that appeared to be on loop. "Do you want to become one, body and soul?" Lotus asked offering Shura something. "It's something that feels really, really good." She added as Shura recognized that tone from Misato... or maybe it was Margulis tone. "I'm ready Shura. I'm always ready for you." Lotus said before the image changed.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (1)

"Hey, Shura. Do you want to become one with me?" Asuna was seen but like Lotus she was bear and more, so she did not even have her prior facial gear showing both of her blue eyes. She too was coming to Shura in an image that appeared to be on loop. Shura knew this was Asuna because she lacked the A2 Connector Clips Asuka tends to wear constantly. "Do you want to become one, body and soul? It's something that feels really, really good." Asuna offered as Shura tried to make sense of what was going on. "This is me who's asking, okay? So, get your butt over here and join your woman." Asuna said which Shura knew for a fact was Asuna.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (2)

Just then Reiko appeared as she imitated the scene from the other two. "Shura, do you wish to become one with me?" Reiko offered Shura as she came towards him before the loop repeated. "Do you wish to become one, body and soul? It's something that feels really, really good, Shura." Reiko offered as Shura knew something was very wrong with this scene.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (3)

"Do you want to become one with me?" Lotus asked as she came towards Shura.

"Do you want to become one, body and soul?" Asuna asked as she too came to Shura.

"It's something that feels really, really good." Reiko finished as she approached Shura the same way Lotus and Asuna did.

"Come on, relax. Just let your heart go." They all said in unison as Shura stood there trying to make sense of this event.

Just then the entire scene halted before it shattered before the Man in the Wall appeared from the scene. "Oh, poor little Kiddo you can't become one with any of them." He said as he made his grin to the Tenno. "After all. YOU! OWE! ME!" The entity called out it's voice booming and shattering the world Shura found himself in and thus Shura was wide eyed to this. For a brief second Shura saw the girl who looked like Rei standing there before it all went black.

(Waking World)

Shura's eyes shot open as he rose up and gasped. Shura found himself in the living room sofa. As he laid there Shura gasped for air before laying back down allowing for the memories to return. He, Reiko, and Asuna had stayed the night in preparations for the battle that, according to the clock, was today.

"Shura..." Asuna moaned and thus Shura looked and saw Asuna was laying there with him. Shura could not help but smile a bit before laying back down and staring at the ceiling above him. Today was the day, Operation Dante's Divine Comedy was today and with the hope that SEELE ends.

(Scene Break Black Lua Gendo)

Gendo smirked as he watched the fleet approaching SEELE's base. Gendo had no doubt that this will be a battle he would not soon forget nor will SEELE. As his enemies all converged, he could not help but smirk while sitting on a table. Mana stood nearby as she also observed the scene intrigued as to what will result from it.

"Do you think they will find it?" Mana asked with curiosity at what she was seeing.

"They will." Gendo said but it was not out of faith. "We may have wounded SEELE, but they still have cards to play against us." Gendo said knowing that while Mana may have opened the bridge SEELE still had other resources at their disposal.

"And Tabris? What of him?" Mana asked only to be met with silence from Gendo. "I see, very well let us see where the gears of fate may turn." Mana said wanting to see what was about to happen.

(Scene Break Wunder Asuka and Rei)

Asuka and Rei were preparing for the coming battle. They knew that when all was said and done either SEELE will be destroyed or crippled beyond any hope of saving. The Wunder was currently enroute to the artic with a full fleet ready to end SEELE once and for all. Asuka had finished up the last touches of her equipment as she then pressed the button on her Plug suit to pressurize it to its proper fit.

"I guess this is it." Asuka said knowing that this was what they were all waiting for.

Nearby Rei was sitting as she pressurized her own Plug suit. Remaking their original Suits was not that difficult with Ritsuko on hand to give the Cephalons the needed instructions. Still, it was a lot to take in for all of them knowing the battle that they were about to take part in. War was hell and the Tenno were one of the few who truly knew the sort of Hell they were entering.

"Yes." Rei said confirming what Asuka said. "Eliminating SEELE is our top priority if we are to have any hope of a future." Rei said making it clear what was needed of them.

"No argument there." Asuka said fully on board with taking out SEELE once and for all.

Rei grew quiet for a moment before she voiced a concern of hers. "I noted an engagement ring on your person Pilot Soryu." Rei said sounding oddly nervous.

"Yeah, what of it?" Asuka asked with a slight glare at Rei.

"I assume that it was Ikari-Kun who gave it to you." Rei said which got Asuka to smile a bit as she looked to her hand. She didn't dare remove the ring, so she had it on even under her plug suit.

"Yeah." Asuka confessed which Rei nodded in understanding.

"Very well, congratulations I wish you both a happy life and marriage." Rei said and thus she began to take her leave of the locker room.

But then Asuka stopped her taking Rei's hand for a moment. "Wait Rei." Asuka began noting that Rei was avoiding this. "I... um." Asuka trailed off trying to find the right words before sighing. "Thanks." Asuka said before Rei just nodded and walked off as silent as ever.

(Meanwhile with Shura)

Shura stood in his own locker room as he had his hand stretched up to the lights above him. As Shura used his fingers to shield himself from the light, he was seen to be wearing his Voidshell Transference suit with the suits attached hood currently down. If they were to face down against this foe, then Shura was certain that there was no time for one's personal style.

"Haven't seen you wear that number in a while." Asuna was heard and thus Shura looked and saw Asuna standing there wearing the Commodore Prime Suit. Asuna was dressed for battle herself as she felt this suit would be the best used for the coming fight.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (4)

"Sorry I suppose I felt a bit nostalgic." Shura said yet his tone was off for a bit. The truth was that Shura's dream the night before still clouds his mind.

"Alright well you better hurry Misato and Lotus are about to start the brief." Asuna said and with a nod Shura followed after Asuna.

Shura focused on the mission as he refused to allow himself to hesitate again like in the New War. He was going to put a stop to SEELE no matter the cost to his own person. Asuna had of course noted Shura's tone and knew that something was bothering him. She would have approached the subject with Shura, but she knew her boyfriend enough to know that the mission came first before their own personal feelings.

(Later at the Strategy Room)

Shura and Asuna arrived to find Mari and Reiko were already there. Mari was currently wearing the Saita Prime Transference Suit as she leaned against the table that was set up with a holographic image of the battlefield.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (5)

Next to her was Reiko as the pale skinned Tenno was seen wearing the Clearvoy Transference Suit that she got from Varzia via Regal Aya when she had originally discovered Wisp Prime during the Void Storm.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (6)

Nearby were Asuka and Rei both dressed in their plug suits and with them surprising enough was Shinji. Shura would ask later but right now they need to focus on the task at hand. Varzia was also on site as was Ritsuko and Kaji no doubt to provide whatever aid that they can for this operation. There was even a holographic image of Lotus speaking to them as she would still act as the mission coordinator for the coming battle.

"Ok now that everyone is here, we can get this meeting started." Misato said which meant that it was time to get down to business. With a few input commands the map zoomed in on the mission site. "The mission will be split into two parts starting with the initial ground assault here." Misato began showing holographic images of the battle to come with the Grineer leading the ground assault and dropping troops down on the frozen tundra.

"Yes, in this part of the operation you are to clear a path into the base proper that means taking out every enemy that stands in your path." The Lotus spoke as she took over the talking. "This will be the key part we need to breath their defenses so we may be able to enter the facility proper." Lotus said before moving to another part. "To ensure this we have evenly distributed Tenno forces between the air battle, the ground battle, and the space battle." Lotus said showing to the group the first part of the siege.

"Shura and his squad will lead the ground battle into SEELE's facility." Misato said but then Rei raised her hand.

"Pardon but what if SEELE decides to deploy their own Evangelion Units we will be left at a severe disadvantage without any N2 Minds to utilize or the sufficient battery life their units would no doubt have." Rei said before Ritsuko cut in.

"I've been working on that." Ritsuko said before she switched the images to what looked to be battery packs. "These are new battery packs for your EVA's I was able to put in enough juice to power it for a sufficient amount of time but..." Ritsuko trailed off before Mari cut in.

"It's still a finite energy." Mari said which Ritsuko nodded in response.

"Yes, which means you have to actively watch your power gauge the more you use the more power you drain." Ritsuko said which made sense to the group.

"Well at least this will be more effective." Asuka said knowing she would not have to rely on Asuna for this fight.

"Once Shura's team have successfully entered the enemy stronghold, we will then begin phase 2 of the operation." Lotus said showing them the next set of images. "This is where things will get tricky." Lotus said before pulling up Kaji's data on the facility but there was a problem with it. "As you can see the readouts of the enemy stronghold is incomplete, so our only option is to enter the base and take the map from the source." Lotus said before Misato cut in once more.

"Mari you'll be hacking into three data terminals to acquire any readouts we may need as well as any information on the Dead Sea Scrolls." Misato said giving Mari her job here.

"Classic smash and grab only with more smashing." Mari said with a grin on her face.

"Reiko meanwhile you have the important job." Misato said and thus the holographic image of a Data mass appeared on screen.

"Yes, I managed to create a tape worm program that will clean out SEELE's data all of it including the copy of Dead Sea Scrolls Translations." Ritsuko said which Reiko knew what this entailed for her. "Reiko, you need to install this virus at three terminals in order for it to run its course." Ritsuko said meaning they had to leave room for no mistakes.

"Mobile Defense understood." Reiko said showing that she was ready for whatever may come her way.

"Asuna." Kaji was the next to speak as he looked to the eyepatch wearing Tenno. "You're on Sabotage duty we need you to destroy their EVA production lines not only to keep them from reinforcing but also to further prevent them from picking up any of the pieces of their destroyed Human Instrumentality Project." Kaji said which Asuna understood greatly.

"Got it make sure they have nothing that can be salvaged for their use." Asuna said before the Lotus spoke up again.

"Take out anyone and anything that stands in your way, Tenno." Lotus began but had more to give. "Once you three are finished with your missions you all are to regroup with Shura for the final push." Lotus said before looking to Shura. "Shura your mission here is two-folds one part Extermination and one part Assassination take out the Members of the SEELE Council there is no room for mistakes or hesitation move in be swift and show a slight of hand." Lotus said urging Shura to do what was needed to be done in order to prevent SEELE from functioning.

"Understood." Shura said before Asuna raised her hand with a question.

"Yeah, what's the plan for AT-Fields you guys said it yourselves Conventional Weapons even our own are useless against those things." Asuna said before Ritsuko stepped forward.

"That was before I made these." Ritsuko said showing images of Mods to the group. "I've been working with the Cephalons and the Lotus to create newly made Mods for this occasion." Ritsuko said and thus revealed what they can do. "Equipped to your weapons these Mods give them Longinus tipped rounds and Longinus edge." Ritsuko said before getting a smirk. "If SEELE could make Knock of Longinus, why can't I?" Ritsuko said showing she was taunting SEELE as she said it.

"In other words, we have an edge up on any Angels who come at us man sized." Mari said revealing that they stand a better chance.

"I've already distributed them out to the Tenno you guys should equip them as well before going into battle." Ritsuko said urging them to do so.

"Very well." Reiko nodded as she knew they would need these Mods.

"Any other questions?" Misato asked looking around those gathered here. After seeing she had no more question Misato nodded before she gave the final call. "Alright then everyone you all go arm up and mount up we got a system to save." Misato commanded and thus they were all ready to go.

But as Shura, Asuna, and Reiko were about to leave Ritsuko stopped them. "Shura, Asuka; Reiko would you three please wait for just a moment." Ritsuko began as she got the three named Tenno's attention. "I may have something that may be of use to the three of you." She said before she gestured for the Tenno to follow her.


The four Tenno stood in the Armory that would act as their Arsenal points with their Warframes surrounding the area. Before them were three red orbs the size of marbles. "What are these?" Asuna asked looking at the marbles.

"My newest inventions I've been working on them with the Quills from Cetus and Vox Solaris in Fortuna." Ritsuko said as the Tenno circled the floating marbles with Mari leaning off to the side.

"They look like mini S2 Cores." Reiko said looking at them as they did in fact look as such. Each Core were in their own container that was comprised of a metal unique only to the Origin System.

"In a way they are." Ritsuko said and thus got down to the explanation. "I call them the Evolver Void Armaments or EVA for short." Ritsuko said and thus the Tenno gave her a skeptical look.

"Really?" Asuna asked showing that the name did not kindle much in terms of inspiration.

"Told you it was a bad name." Magi voice in showing that she was in the Wundur and more so than that she was there for the whole bit.

"Anyway." Ritsuko continued before the Cephalon could go on a rant. "They function similar to your Amps acting as a focus for your Void Powers but in different ways then what you are normally used to." Ritsuko said and thus she presented them each with the EVA weapons. "Here use these." Ritsuko said while passing to each Tenno a brand-new Amp. Equipping the Amps, the Tenno noted that it was similar to their old ones save for one detail an indent around the same size as the mini cores Ritsuko presented to them.

Following this Ritsuko opened each of the canisters and proceeded to allow them to levitate out of the containers. This scene shocked the Tenno for a moment, but the next scene would take the cake for them. The core imbedded themselves into the AMPs and the next thing the Tenno knew there was a flash of light that blinded them. The light did not last long but as it began to die down but before that they each felt something in their grips. Thus, when their vision returned to them the three Tenno saw that in their hands were new weapons seemingly a mixture of the Amps materials and the material, they saw made up the Lance of Longinus. In Shura's hands was a handgun fit for his size, Reiko was holding a two-pronged spear similar to the Lance of Longinus, and finally Asuna had a whip in her hand.

"W-what?" Shura asked as he looked at the weapon in his hand and aimed with it to get a feel for it.

"Remarkable." Reiko said as she spun the spear feeling how balanced it was for her.

"Oh, Hell the f*ck yeah!" Asuna cried out as she cracked the whip to the ground.

"It changes and modifies based on the core unit, the Mods, and the Arcanes equipped to it." Ritsuko began but had more to say. "In theory if you can provide different combination of materials, it should change form." Ritsuko said as it was clear that the weapons they had, were starter weapons.

"How come I don't get one?" Mari asked as she wanted one of her own.

"Sorry it's all I could make at the time." Ritsuko said revealing that Ritsuko was short when it came to materials.

"Fine just remember to tell me later what to look for so I can start farming." Mari said as she wanted one of her own.

"Alright then time to suit up." Shura said and in turn they each turned towards their Arsenals.

For Shura Excalibur Umbra was in place as the Frame was being equipped with the Paracesis great sword, the Nataruk Bow, and the Twin Grahkata's. Shura also had the Imperator Vandal Archgun equipped just in case it was needed. Umbra was ready for battle and so was Shura as he then used Transference to enter the frame. For his companion Shura was using the Taxon Prime Sentinel to provide him with aid with health and freeze rays. It also had a shield booster to keep him safe during the battle. Shura also had his Voidrig Necrhamech ready to summon with the Mausolon equipped to it.

Asuna had Valkyr Prime with the Vitrica Great Sword, the Gorgon Wraith rifle for her main arm weapon, the Viper Wraith sidearm weapon, and finally for an added bonus she had the Kuva Grattler for her Archgun on standby. With her Frame ready Asuna entered the Warframe via Transference ready to unleash herself on the enemy. Asuna's companion was a Hound that she got the components for from The Sisters of Parvos after fighting them several times and then getting the Solaris named Legs to put it together at Fortuna. She also had a Bonewidow Nechramech ready to summon equipped with the Morgha archgun for an added edge.

Reiko was using Wisp Prime with the Fulmin Prime for her main arm weapon, the Dual Setra Secura side arms in the event she needed guns in both hands, and for her melee weapon Reiko had opted for the Broken Scepter in case her allies or herself needed health on the spot. For her Archgun Reiko had opted to use the Prisma Dual Decuriums for added fire power. Her companion was a Moa that she had gotten put together by Legs after she had brought him the materials. The Nechramech Reiko was going in with was a Voidrig much like Shura's but her gun was the Cortege so she can do some heavy damage out there. Reiko used transference to enter her Warframe and was seen hovering for a bit but ready to face down SEELE.

Finally, was Mari as she had her Mirage Prime standing before her with the Shuda arm cannon equipped. For her chosen melee weapon, she had once more opted to use the Wolf Sledge for this coming battle, nothing really strikes fear like a hammer to the face. She had of course opted to use the AkBolto Prime sidearms simply because the side arm weapons in question were easier to use with Mirage Prime. She had also equipped an Archgun of her own, the Velocitus and while yes, she knew it took a brief time to charge it was still a deadly weapon. She had opted to use Shade Prime as her Companion for this battle since it was easier to keep track of over a Kubrow or a Kavat. She had also taken to using a Nechramech of her own the Bonewidow like Asuna's, but for its chosen gun Mari had opted to equip it with the Kuva Ayanga that weapon was a nightmare to find since she had to hunt the Kuva Litch that spawned to hunt her down... several of them in fact. Mari entered her Frame and did a pin up pose for laughs but when she got none did a few stretches and was ready for battle.

One by one they got to their deployment points and were each ready to go into battle. Ritsuko saw this and smiled for a moment before taking her leave to join the others in the command deck.

(Later with Misato)

On the Command Deck Misato looked from her station as Captain of the Wundur. Kaji was there with them as was Little Duck, Biz, and the allies the Tenno had who answered the call. Varzia was with the auxiliary team to Shura's team onboard of Shura's Railjack to make sure SEELE doesn't try and escape orbit. Asuka with Unit 02 and Rei with Unit-00 were on standby if and when SEELE decides to deploy their MP EVA Units. She recalled the invasion of NERV that SEELE orchestrated with the JSDF to slaughter everyone in NERV.

This was different however because now it was payback time this was their invasion on SEELE's turf and Misato intended to win this. "Captain, we're approaching the target zone." Biz said as they saw through the frost on their wind shields the artic where SEELE had set their base up. Around them was a fleet of Grineer ships and Corpus ships to provide them with aid against SEELE. But the minute they had visual the gunfire began causing the ship to shake a bit.

"Their firing on us!" Ritsuko called out as she held on to her own station.

"Then its begun." Misato said and in turn glared at the screen. "Deploy now!" Misato ordered and with it the battle was underway.

(Outside the Wundur)

The launch bay opened and from the platform Shura and his squad jumped out and summoned their Archwings to enter the combat zone. Explosions went off around them as they flew to the ground with several Grineer gunships and a few Corpus dropships accompanying them. A few of those ships got shot down but thankfully they were able to maneuver their way to the landing zone to begin the battle. There were a few other Tenno Squads as well as some of the Syndicates sending their fighters to aid in this battle.

Eventually they made landfall and Shura had his sidearms in hand ready for battle. When the Tenno had made landfall, the automatic defenses activated as from the ice and snow smaller turrets and sentries popped up and opened fire on them. Moving out of the way they got to cover and got on securing the landing zone.

Asuna moved first using the Tether to yank a turret towards Mari who then swung the Wolf Sledge and sent the destroyed turret into another. The impact destroyed another Turret before Reiko summoned motes for them. Shura dashed through the motes with his Exalted Blade before he proceeded to destroy the remaining security measures in the zone. With the task done Grineer and Corpus ships landed their troops before they charged into the area intent to take out SEELE.

(Meanwhile with SEELE)

The Monoliths that made up SEELE were gathered as they were aware of the situation. "So, after our siege of NERV it would seem, they have decided to return the favor." A Monolith spoke meaning that they were not the targets.

"The Revenge of NERV is upon us but we shall not suffer its wrath with or without their Void Devils." Another Monolith spoke and thus Lorenz Keel spoke to his followers.

"Let us pay them back in force." Keel said and with his words the counterattack began.

(Back to the Battle)

As the forces moved in on the SEELE fortress many doors opened, and lifts rose to reveal that SEELE had their own defenses. It became a full-on war. Both sides clashed as Shura and their side moved to cover where they can find it. "Wundur Enemy contact confirmed!" Shura called into the communications seeing what was happening.

(Back on the Wundur)

"Are they ok?" Shinji asked as he heard the communication link.

"So, SEELE won't make this easy for us." Misato said knowing this only slightly complicated things. "Ritsuko quick any signs of the MP EVA's?" Misato asked as Ritsuko was already on it.

"None we're still in the clear." Ritsuko responded before Misato went back to the communications.

"Tenno listen up you need to get pass these guys power on through." Misato ordered knowing that they were NOT Taking prisoners today.

"Confirmed!" Shura responded and thus they went back to the holo map of the battle. All the while Shinji stood near Misato with concern over this entire battle.

(Back to the Battle)

"Asuna with me we're going to make a hole!" Shura said and Asuna knew what to do.

"Right!" Asuna said and thus they both started moving.

With the order given the Tenno enacted their combat plan. Asuna flanked to the right while Shura went down the middle where Shura used Slash Dash to get to the middle of the crowd. Once Shura was there, he used Radiant Howl to blind the enemies around him before Asuna joined in and used War Cry to boost Shura and give him an edge. Tearing their way through the enemy assault the Tenno led the charge to the main gates of SEELE's fortress.

They moved through then enemy opposition revealing them to be mostly automated. Moving to cover the duo hide behind it for a bit and got ready to charge. But before they could do so Mari came in and slammed through the foes with her Wolf Sledge. "Reminds you of the Old War, doesn't it?" Mari said with a smirk at what had happened via the communicator.

"Yeah, but we had Rell back then too." Shura said but then a large group of enemies began to make their way towards them. "Head up!" Shura called and in turn they got ready to fight.

Just then Wisp Prime fired off a Surge of solar energy to tear their way through the enemy. The enemy forces were burned down by Wisp Prime who easily made them into nothing more than fresh burnt crisps. Eventually the task was done as Reiko then made her way to the fallen enemy and with her Broken Scepter made them into Red Health Orbs.

"Show off." Asuna scoffed when she saw this happen.

"As you always say when you steal a kill Asuna, you snooze you lose." Reiko quipped causing Asuna to glare at the blue haired Tenno.

"Hey, let's focus on the mission." Shura said and thus the group once more focused on fighting their way to their target.

Soon more explosions resounded as the group began to move to cover. That was until a new voice was heard that got their attention. "FOR THE BROTHERS!" Kahl was heard as he charged into the fight firing upon the SEELE forces. "SEELE SKOOM!" Kahl added and thus Shura smiled to the scene.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (7)

"Kahl thanks for the assist glad you got my call." Shura said and Kahl nodded to this.

"Yes, SEELE will hurt brothers. Tenno is brother and blue girl warned Kahl of SEELE." Kahl said as he looked to Shura.

"Clem." Clem was heard as he was with another unit of Grineer as he had his Twin Grahkata's out as well. "Clem." Clem repeated and thus Reiko smiled at her favorite Grineer.

Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (8)

"Clem thank you as well." Reiko said and thus they now had some back up to work with.

"SEELE must be stopped brothers must be saved." Kahl said and thus Shura nodded in agreement with him.

"Right, we need to keep moving." Shura said and thus everyone was ready to roll. "Let's move!" Shura called out and then lead the group to fight their way to SEELE's front door.

(Back on the Wundur)

"Aye Luvs the Tenno are about to ring the doorbell." Little Duck said as she showed the data of what the Tenno were doing.

"Good that's good." Misato said before glaring at the screen. 'So far so good.' Misato thought as she knew that while SEELE was no Gendo they were not to be underestimated.

(With Asuka and Rei)

The two EVA pilots waited in their Entry Plugs so they can be deployed. While Asuka was not happy that her EVA was basically a Frankenstein of EVA and Corpus tech, she can at least take pride that her EVA had better tech then Rei and her Grineer based EVA.

"Come on pull through." Asuka growled unaware that Rei was listening in on the redhead.

"They will." Rei said as she stared out to the hanger in front of her awaiting to be launched into battle. This got Asuka's attention as she glanced over to Rei's image on her plug screen. "They will succeed because their reasons compel them so." Rei said and thus Asuka sighed to this and scratched her head to this.

"Jeez Wonder Girl you've changed." Asuka said and in turn Rei smiled one of her rare smiles.

"I suppose we all have to at some point." Rei admitted and thus Asuka sighed and focused on the mission before looking to her gloved hand. The hand that carried her engagement ring smiling at it Asuka held her hand close as she spoke to herself this time.

"Look at me getting all flustered like this." Asuka mocked scolded herself as she looked to her hand. "I suppose if its anyone that idiot is the one." Asuka said clenching the hand with her other and held them both to her chest. Rei saw this and smiled knowing that would be more of a reason to win this fight.

(Later SEELE Main Entrance)

SEELE forces ran to the doors the invaders were about to step through aiming their guns at it. The explosions and banging from it was echoing through the area as they waited for the inevitable. Soon silence was heard and then the doors were blasted apart by a powerful explosion. The smoke covered the room and soon enough Shura lead Asuna, Reiko, and Mari in with their guns primed.

"Knock-knock!" Mari called and thus they all opened fire on the enemy forces. The group all moved in firing their weapons at the targets while moving in on them. Mari used Hall of Mirrors to summon clones of herself to increase her attack output on her foes. Reiko moved and weaved through her foes like a ghost as she broke each of their bodies with her Broken Scepter. Next came Asuna who had Hysterix active and with her Warframes Talons began to shred through the SEELE security blocking the path. She then used Tether and pulled in feeling grunt before tearing her claws into his chest. To finish off the last few Shura activated Radial Javelin and skewered all the remaining enemies killing them off.

The group then looked around with Asuna deactivating her ability while Mari's ability wore off. "Clear." Reiko confirmed and thus Shura took command once more.

"Ok we all know our missions spread out and give them hell." Shura said making it clear one what was to be done.

"Right!" Everyone confirmed and got moving. Shura went on one path leading Kahl's unit who would provide him with backup, Reiko took the second path with Clem and Grineer troops on her side, and Mari and Asuna went on different paths to get to where they needed to steal information and sabotage the factory, respectively.

(Back on the Wundur)

"They've made inside, now for phase 2." Lotus said as she showed the crew real time feed of the Tenno's mission.

"Come on kids, you got this." Misato said as she hoped they can handle this. Despite Gendo being able to use SEELE for his own gains he needed to be allowed their trust first. She had no doubt that SEELE may have several aces up their sleeve for such an event like this.

"They will pull through; I know those kids and they haven't let us down yet." Little Duck said as the Origin System had sung song of praises for the Tenno.

(Meanwhile with Reiko)

Reiko and her unit were seen fighting their way through enemies as Reiko carried in her hands the Data Mass. Thanks to Wisp Primes ghost like movement's she was able to weave past gunfire and make quick work of her foes. Reiko kept moving to her target until she and her unit got to the first Data console and without even waiting, she plugged in the data mass.

"Data Mass plugged in downloading virus." Reiko's Cephalon reported as she got to work.

"Clem!" Clem warned as he pointed to the incoming enemy forces.

"I see them let them try." Reiko said as she then summoned her motes to powerup herself and her unit. "They will meet a broken end." Reiko said as she was ready with her Broken Scepter. With that done she roared out and began her counterattack against the enemy forces. The sound of gunfire echoed across the area as Reiko and Clem with their assault unit defended the console from enemy hands.

(Meanwhile over with Mari)

Mari on the other hand was weaving and sneaking through security measures that SEELE had put in place. "Quietly taking down security cameras to prevent SEELE from detecting her, shooting up scanners to keep them from noticing her, and snuffing out any security guards in the area. It was a vexing thing for many Tenno when it came to dealing with such security measures, but Mari was more than used to it by now.

She then opened a hatch and saw her target several feet below her defended by security lasers. "One wrong move I get zapped, and SEELE starts deleting or securing." Mari said knowing they could not allow SEELE to keep the Scrolls or any of its data. Mari waited as she needed to time this just right and when she saw it, she took the leap. She fell down the shaft making sure to avoid the lasers as she went down, she grinded against the walls to slow down and avoid more security lasers before letting go and falling again.

Soon enough Mari landed on the ground with a grin on her face hidden by her Mirage Prime. "Nailed it." Mari said and in turn proceeded to jack in her Parazon and hack into the system. She used a Cipher to expedite the process and she had to admit SEELE was no joke when it came to data protection. Then again neither was she when it came to breaking said protection. Soon enough she got the data and turned off the security around her.

"Got it." Mari said and thus smiled over her apparent win.

"Good move on to the next console." Lotus said and thus Mari got moving to the next security console.

(Meanwhile back with Shura)

Shura was cleaving his way through enemy troops exterminating them and painting the walls and floor red with blood. He continued with his mission as he was not holding back against his foes. Hacking and cleaving he even used Umbra's abilities to better fight off the SEELE forces. Kahl and his unit were proving to be excellent allies in this fight, and this left Shura grateful for that.

He then noted a distinct lack of enemy troops for him to fight and thus Shura proceeded to call it in. "This is Shura all things clean on my end progress report!" Shura called in as he needed an update.

(With Reiko)

Reiko and her unit were making their way to the next sector with Reiko leading them through while holding the Data mass. "I'm enroute to the second console first part of the program has been downloaded." Reiko said as she sprinted through to their destination. "Oh, and Clem says hi." Reiko said which got a small eye roll from Shura.

(With Mari)

Mari unplugged from the second console as she smiled at the fact security had no clue what she did. "I've just hacked into the second data console." Mari said as she smiled a bit. "Best part it has data on the factory Asuna is head to." Mari said which Asuna had no doubt heard.

"Well, that's fortunate." Asuna began via the communication link.


"Because I just reached the factory and boy is it HUGE!" Asuna said as she saw the factory via a viewing box.

"Alright sending the data now." Mari said and soon enough Asuna got the data in question.

"Data received Operator." Yuva reported as she had already gone through it. "I am marking key components now." She said and thus Asuna saw her targets for this sabotage.

"Alright let's do this." Asuna said as she left the room to shut down the factory after opening the door.

(Back with Shura)

"Alright then, Mari once you nail that last console rendezvous at my coordinates we're going for the throne." Shura said giving out orders. "The rest of you do the same once you have completed your tasks." Shura added which meant they had to move.

"Right!" Everyone called and then the call ended.

"Kahl gather your brothers and follow me." Shura said and thus Kahl nodded to Shura.

"Kahl will follow, Tenno." Kahl said and with that they were ready to proceed.

"Right let's move!" Shura called out and thus they all headed through the halls of SEELE's base.

(Meanwhile with SEELE)

"The Tenno approach." The monolith of six announced to his fellows.

"The devils of the void come to our throne." The Monolith of nine announced as they knew the Tenno were coming for them.

"The Witch of Three Faces, the whor* Babylon guides them." The Monolith of four announced.

"To bar us from Paradise the come." The Monolith of ten spoke knowing the Tenno must not be allowed to interfere.

"To deny us our communion with divinity." The final monolith of Lorenz Keel spoke as he was not going to allow the Tenno to tear from them their path to Instrumentality.

(Back over with Asuna)

Asuna began making her way through SEELE's facility taking out any guards and security measures that got in her way. Moving towards her first target Asuna cleaved through several guards with her great sword before using her tether to fling one over a ledge to his death. Once she was close, she began to access the console for it and pulled up the data.

"Wow." Asuna said as she saw the data streams passing through her eyes.

"What is it?" Ritsuko asked as she heard Asuna via the communications links.

"Looks like SEELE has some trust issues and some brainiacs." Asuna said as she looked through the data. "They basically automated the process modelling it after a pregnant woman’s womb." Asuna said as she saw the similarities. "Just insert the Angels DNA and let the system do the rest." Asuna said as she saw the data.

(Back on the Wundur)

"A fairly simple yet effective process, SEELE had not been idle." Ritsuko said while going over the data.

"Recommendations?" Misato asked as science was not her area of expertise.

"We'll have to insert something of an X Variable to the system." Lotus cut in before Ritsuko spoke up.

"Doing so will cause a system shutdown to rectify it." Ritsuko said before Lotus continued.

"Which will leave it open to complete the sabotage." Lotus said as Misato looked to each of the two.

"Ok you get all that Asuna?" Misato asked into the communication link.

(Back with Asuna)

"Got it sugar spice and everything nice and then add Chemical x." Asuna said getting the gist of it before getting to work. Noting another marked target Asuna got moving to it to do her job. Of course, security forces got in her way, but Asuna simply fired her gun at them taking them out with expertly made lethal shots before moving on. Cleaving through the enemy troops Asuna made her way through knowing time was not something to be wasted.

But then Asuna saw something that caught her eye. Looking towards it she saw what looked to be something hunched over with its head inside something like an emu. "What the heck?" Asuna asked as she noted that it wasn't active.

"What is it?" Lotus asked to which Asuna had her report.

"I think SEELE already has a few active EVA Units ready for deployment." Asuna said which the Lotus knew they had to stop this.

"If SEELE deploys them, we'll need to adjust." Lotus said and thus she knew they needed backup. "I'm calling in help." Lotus said moving her link over to Mari.

(Later with Mari)

Mari broke apart a vent and spun over to the Security Console and used her Parazon to slice in. She made quick work of the console and smirked over what she got. "Got the consoles!" Mari reported as she opened the door to make her way out.

"Good Shura is heading to the target location." Lotus said as she knew Shura had to hurry. "Mari there has also been a complication with the plan." Lotus reported as she trusted Mari on this. "Head over to Asuna's position and assist her with the sabotage." Lotus said and thus Mari nodded to this.

"Got it." Mari said and thus she left the security room to help out Mari.

(Over with Reiko)

Reiko had already arrived at the data console and had plugged in the data mass for it. "I'm currently at the final data console defending it." Reiko reported as she fired upon the enemy forces that came her way.

"Confirmed hold fast and once the program finishes it's download return to the Wundur to assist the EVA Pilots." Lotus ordered which Reiko nodded.

"Confirmed." Reiko said and thus continued the fight. They had to take SEELE out at all costs.

(Back with Shura)

Shura arrived at the final gate which thanks to the data from Mari. He had received the update that he was on his own for this one. "Tenno Kahl ready." Kahl said but Shura had other ideas.

"Kahl listen head back up and regroup with your brothers... I need to go this alone." Shura said as he looked to the stunned Kahl.

"Kahl can help brother Tenno." Kahl said but Shura was adamant about this.

"I need to do this Kahl please understand." Shura said which Kahl did understand. While he did not like he Kahl understood where Shura was coming from with this.

"Kahl will listen Tenno makes it back. Kahl will meet him there." Kahl said and thus with a nod from Shura the two parted ways. Shura then opened the final door with his Parazon and thus the lift opened for him. Shura then took a breath in before letting it back out to continue down his path.

The Lift activated and in turn it began to take Shura to where SEELE has their council chamber located. "Tenno, be careful SEELE... no telling... breaking." Lotus spoke and thus Shura heard this.

"Lotus? Lotus respond!" Shura called but then tried another channel. "Ordis, can you hear me?" Shura asked but got no response from his Cephalon. "Wundur, can you hear me? Please respond." Shura asked as he tried to contact them but again only got static. "sh*t." Shura cursed realizing that he and Umbra were on their own now. "Well Umbra seems we'll be flying solo now." Shura said as he got ready for what came next.

(Back on the Wundur)

"I've lost contact with Shura." Lotus said as Misato cursed at this.

"So did we." Misato said and thus they knew Shura was isolated now. "All hands be ready for anything." Misato said fearing the worst knowing how crafty SEELE can be. With those words spoken the entire crew got ready for any nasty surprises that SEELE may have been waiting for them.

(Meanwhile with Asuna and Mari)

Asuna was carrying a capsule in her hand that she intended to use for the Sabotage. It was about the same size and shape as a coolant container but instead of containing coolant it instead carried a variety of unwanted genetic imperfections. When this was reintroduced to the developing EVA units well let it be said that death is preferable over birth defects that may or may not occur.

But as Asuna kept moving, she cursed when she saw that the security teams were aiming for the capsule to either destroy it or remove it from Asuna's person. "sh*t." Asuna cursed as she protected the capsule she needed. Getting ready to let the beast out Asuna got ready to attack only for Mari to be heard.

From above Mari game down and slammed down with the Wolf Sledge taking out the enemies around her while crushing the one right below her. Mari then used her Mirage Prime's ability to create duplicates and with her Archgun opened fire at the foes around her. Mari then followed it up with a Prism that finished off the remaining few foes to give Asuna an open path.

Asuna glared at Mari for a moment no doubt not liking being upstaged like that. "I could have taken them." Asuna as she got out of her hiding spot and approached the lever.

"Sure, you did." Mari said in a teasing tone before Asuna then inserted the capsule.

"Lotus I'm about to restart the system." Asuna said and thus Lotus nodded.

"Alright but hurry I fear Shura may be in danger." Lotus said her voiced etched with concern for Shura's wellbeing.

With a nod Asuna and Mari proceeded to reactivate the system and in turn alarms began to blare while the faulty DNA was inserted into the metal wombs. "Let's hurry this up we got sh*t to do." Asuna said but then Mari pointed at something.

"That might be an issue." Mari said and thus they both looked and saw even more guards entering the room.

"Well f*ck." Asuna cursed realizing they were in for a fight now.

"You'd think they would have run out of mooks to throw at us." Mari said as she took out her AkBolto.

"You ask to much of them." Asuna said as she got ready to fight them by flexing out Valkyr Prime's talons. In turn the pair charged into the fray once more intent on winning this and stopping SEELE.

(Meanwhile with Shura)

Shura rode the lift down as he kept his eyes closed to calm himself and center his mind. He knew not what awaited him, but he knew that SEELE had to be stopped no matter the cost. Failure more then likely meant a Fourth Impact and as a Tenno Shura would not allow it. He then opened his eyes once more within his Warframe as they gave off a glow of his Void Power.


Warframe You Can (NOT) Absolve - Chapter 20 - EvanKnight (2024)


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