19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (2024)

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Trust me… I love buying my pies from Costco but there’s just something about making them homemade!

If you’re anything like me, you scroll through Pinterest looking for new recipes until you find something that you like… That’s why I’ve put together a list of recipes I absolutely love

Here are the best homemade pies I found:

No Fail Pie Crust

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Source: Bunsen Burner Bakery

IN PIE WE CRUST! (a personal slogan I’m living by this fall)

Everybody knows the crust of a pie can be the most important part, and often the least flavorful. Not with this recipe!

This not only gives you a simple and effective to cook the perfect crust every time, but I guarantee it tastes better than anything store made. It has easy instructions, simple ingredients, and even caters to the type of pie you’re making!

Did you know that even the placement of the pie in the oven can affect the way it cooks?

Read more and find out!

Blueberry Pie Recipe

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Source: Inspired Taste

I have genuine real fillings for this homemade blueberry pie recipe…

I mean seriously, is there ANYTHING better than sweet, blueberry filled pie? There are a lot of recipes out there for blueberry pie, but this is one of my absolute favorites

This is extremely easy to make, but the indulgent flavor would never reveal that. This pie is made with blueberries, warm spices, lemon, and an easy lattice crust

The lemon gives it that zesty feel that balances out the sweetness of the berry and it’s unlike any other!

I love this berry much

Sweet Cherry Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (3)
Source: Baker by Nature

She’s my cherry pie!

This pie is exactly what you’d want it to be and more. The crumble topping paired with the sweet cherry filling…

This pie is sure to be perfect for any season, any time, any place, I guarantee it

And I absolutely love the idea of that ginger crumb topping, such a good combination with the cherry. Cherrific!

Classic Apple Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (4)
Source: Live Well Bake Often

I’d like to apple-ogize for this recipe in advance – it’s hardCORE

Apple pie is the perfect treat for the cozy fall season, and this one is sure to be show stopper! It’s a classic pie with apple sliced filling and sweet crumbly pie crust pieces

Plus, it’s SO easy to make. The filling is just a simple mixture of sliced apples, granulated sugar, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg and you can use their homemade crust or buy one if you’re in a pinch for time

Make this the apple of your eye this fall!

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (5)
Source: Midget Momma

If you’re looking to give people PUMPKIN to talk about this fall season, this is the pumpkin pie for you!

This pie is 100% made from scratch, spicy but sweet, and has that perfect pumpkin consistency just waiting for you to add a heaping amount of whipped cream on top

I love that she breaks down the difference between using canned pumpkin, or pumpkin puree and the different baking techniques that come along with both

This pie is so gourd!

Apple Hand Pies

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (6)
Source: The First Year Blog

Have you guys ever had those mini apple pies from McDonald’s?

These apple hand pies are those, but a teeny bit bigger, and MUCH better! They’re homemade, easy to make, and can fit right in the palm of your hand! What could be better than that?

With less than 10 ingredients and a free hour on your hand, you have yourself a nighttime indulgent treat, snack for your kid’s lunch box, or mini pies for any event or party

These will be the (little) apple of your eyes this fall season!

Butterscotch Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (7)
Source: Handle The Heat

This pie is my BUTTER half!

Have you ever had a butterscotch pie? It’s unique in it’s crunchy yet sweet consistency, full of flavor, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

The butterscotch filling is thick and rich, and then, of course, it needs to be topped with plenty of whipped cream

You butter believe this is incredible!

Easy Pecan Pie Recipe

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (8)
Source: No. 2 Pencil

This pie is so gorgeously stunning that you may think you can’t master it, but you PEcan do it, I promise

The super unique and aesthetically pleasing portion of this pie comes from the creativity of the pie crust. She uses a leaf shaper, and the whole pie has little small leaf shapes surrounding it

If you want a pie that will LOOK as good as it TASTES this holiday season, then look no further!

Chocolate Silk Cream

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (9)
Source: Miss Allie’s Kitchen

One chocolate piece of pie a day keeps this girls bad mood away! This chocolate pie IS. EVERYTHING

It’s gorgeous, easy to make, rich, silky, and full of chocolate, duh. This really is everything and more that you would ever want out of a chocolate pie.

Plus she includes a dairy free option for the entire pie lactose intolerant or allergy ridden chocolate lovers

I love this a chocoLOT!

Key Lime Pie Recipe

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (10)
Source: Lauren’s Latest

Every cloud has a silver liming and this pie is guaranteed to be yours!

I love key lime pie… especially during the long months of summer. It’s refreshing, the flavor is unique, and it’s an indulgent yet light dessert for any occasion

This one is no joke, you guys. So sweet and tart, yet somehow still creamy and smooth. The buttery graham cracker crust compliments the very limey filling and the whipped cream just takes it all over the top for the perfect summertime pie that I cannot get enough of

Key lime pie… I’m yours

Sugar Cream Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (11)
Source: Pear Tree Kitchen

Pour some sugar on me!

This sugar cream pie is one of the easiest pies to make on the list, one of the sweetest, and definitely the sugariest. All you need for this “not so sugar free” pie is milk, butter, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon to taste, and any pie crust of pie crust recipe

It’s perfect for beginners but delivers a “definitely expert pie maker” sweet and tangy taste. This is kind of pie that I love to top with fruit filling, ice cream, reeses, or anything else I have on hand to give it that extra PIZZAZ since it’s so easy to make, and it’s great to whip up in a pinch too

Sugar sugar, how you get so fly!

Lemon Meringue

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (12)
Source: Preppy Kitchen

Sometimes, you just need some lemon AID!

I love the refreshing taste of lemon, especially in the summer. It’s zesty, it’s refreshing, and it’s sweet yet sour and perfect for eating after a long day in the sun

This lemon meringue pie is no joke, folks. The crisp and flakey homemade butter crust is absolutely to die for, and the pie itself is topped with a mound of sweet-yet-tart Italian meringue

Everything in the pie is homemade, it’s zingy, and makes for a very indulgent treat on any occasion!

I feel better already….

Banana Cream Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (13)
Source: Tastes of Lizzy T

Oh my creamy banana goodness, how APEELING is this pie?

I can’t stress it enough, this one right here is a big deal. Traditional banana cream pie, like this one, is cream pie with bananas, like real actual fresh bananas inside… But not just that

Creamy banana filling and homemade whipped cream also make up the inside of this pie, what could be better than that?

If you’re a banana lover like my family and I are, you’re guaranteed going bananas over this one!

Peach Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (14)
Source: The Hungry Bluebird

This sweet peach pie has a big peach of my heart

This is absolutely the pie for summer… It’s made with perfectly in season fresh peaches and a flaky, crispy crust for a sweet and refreshing peach flavor that you won’t be able to get enough of

Everything about it is homemade, it requires fewer ingredients than most homemade pies, and is whip cream topping worthy

This will definitely be your peaches and cream this summer!

Coconut Chess Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (15)
Source: Crazy For Crust

I’m nuts about this, COCONUTS

Don’t you love the sensationally fresh flavor of coconut in the spring and summer months? I love the coconut flavor. It’s unique, it’s spicy yet sweet, and it’s bold

This pie is the real coconutty deal. It has a smooth and creamy custard layer and tons of sweetened coconut throughout the pie. It’s definitely unique in its flavor, and almost hard to comprehend the bold and brilliant flavor

It’s kind of like eating a macaroon that’s filled with pudding, but better. You’ll be nutty over this!

Cookie Bomb Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (16)
Source: Wild Wild Whisk

Um, COOKIE BOMB pie. Need I say more?

Goodbye waistline because this indulgent pie is definitely going to put me right over the edge

First of all, this pie is made with an all-butter crust. It’s soft yet crunchy in all the right ways and is one of my favorite crust recipes to date. And don’t even get me started on the filling…

It’s made with broken down pieces of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and with a buttery custard throughout. I’m sure if you like this one, you’ll love these homemade milkshake recipes… even more cookies and brownies!

This has been created by one smart cookie!

Creme Brûlée Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (17)
Source: Pies and Tacos

Every Thanksgiving… along with our traditional pumpkin pie that we buy at Costco (surprisingly amazing by the way) we make a homemade creme brulee pie

As you can imagine, I’ve tried a lot of different recipes and strategies for baking this over the years. This is my favorite to date!

She starts off the pie with an almond cookie-like crust… and the homemade filling? Super sweet and the most creme brulee-est filling I’ve found

Plus, this isn’t hard to make at all and the ingredient count is less than 10. I love this!

Blackberry Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (18)
Source: Saving Room for Dessert

Blackberry is the new black, right?

Honestly, does anybody buy blackberries just plain to eat? They are always the cheapest berries in the store, but I find that they are best inside a fresh and homemade blackberry pie

This has a buttery, flaky crust for a base, that is then loaded with fresh juicy berries. With just 10 household ingredients, and about an hour preparation time, you’ll have yourself a sweet, crunchy and crusty, amazing blackberry pie

You’ll know it’s done in the oven when the blackberry filling is bubbling and thickened, and the crust golden brown and your entire house smells like fruity heaven. YUM!

Homemade Strawberry Pie

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (19)
Source: Sugar Apron

Fresh strawberries in the summertime are almost a culture all their own here in Michigan

Heaps of strawberries surround our grocery stores and fruit stands, and refreshing strawberry made recipes are at an all-time PIE. This is one of the simpler, yet sweeter recipes…

All you need is fresh strawberries, water, sugar, strawberry jello, and cornstarch. It’s oozing with strawberries, full of flaky and crunchy crust pieces, and is the perfect specimen for heaps of airy whipped cream

This the perfect summertime pie, and I love it BERRY much!

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19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (20)

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19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (23)

19 Best Homemade Pie Recipes ( Must See ) (2024)


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